Thursday, October 12, 2006

Report shows need for more political spots

A new report says that the average Midwestern TV station devotes only 36 seconds in each news program to political news.

People are predictably horrified. Thirty-six seconds is not enough time to run to the bathroom or get a snack.

Madison, though, thinks it is very hip and politically sophisticated because its news stations give politics lots more attention -- a whole minute and 5 seconds.

How does that stack up against, say, coverage of plans for the Halloween party?

Whether it's 36 seconds or 1:05, consider that includes all races on the ballot.


Guess campaigns will just have to keep running those commercials. Without them, how would anyone know there was an election?

And when several run back to back, you can grab a snack and use the bathroom.

You just knew those spots were a public service, didn't you?


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