Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Voters ready to bring the troops home

Voters in a dozen Wisconsin communities, from Milwaukee to Boscobel, will have a chance to express themselves on Nov. 7 on the war in Iraq. Referendum questions on withdrawing US troops are on the ballot. Two dozen similar ballot questions passed in April.

Three weeks before the vote, this from Political Wire:

Support for Iraq War at All Time Low

A new CNN poll finds support for the war in Iraq at an all-time low, with just 34% of Americans saying they approve and 64% saying they disapprove.

Women led the opposition, with seven in 10 saying they oppose the war and only 28% saying they favor it, the lowest support among women in any CNN poll taken since the invasion more than three years ago.

A new Zogby poll shows just 34% think the war has been worth the loss of American lives, down from 40% two weeks ago.

The State Journal's George Hesselberg does a roundup.


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