Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Whose side are you on?

Well, the health insurance industry loves Congressman Mark Green's new health care proposal.

If you're a consumer, doesn't this make you a little bit nervous?
The Wisconsin Association of Health Underwriters Legislative Committee and Wisconsin Legislative Services (WLS), today provided support for Mark Green by recognizing him as a "Friend of the Industry".

"For only the second time in our Association's history, we are lending our support for a candidate for public office. WAHU takes pride in the fact that we are a bipartisan organization, but we feel strongly that it is our responsibility to recognize the differences between candidates when they are so widely different, especially when they are so important to the future of our industry", said Greg Horstman, Health Underwriters Legislative Chairman.

"Experts in health care financing have agreed that the solution to our health care cost crisis is Consumer Driven Health Care. Statistics from the last two years prove it is a solution for all citizens regardless of health risk factors or your level of income, and yet Jim Doyle vetoed HSA deductibility not once, but three times -- the only Governor in the nation to take such radical action against the advice of the experts", said Laurie Kohls, WLS Committee Chair. The membership of our association "has made it perfectly clear that status quo is not acceptable relative to our current health care crisis. However, they want real solutions that will address the actual problem of rising health care costs. From WAHU's perspective, Mark Green is the best candidate to move Wisconsin towards those real solutions", said Dan Schwartzer, Executive Vice- President.
And fatten the bank accounts of those health insuarance execs. If you had any doubt about who benefits from Green's health savings accounts, here's your answer.


At 9:20 AM, Blogger Dad29 said...

Continue advocating "full disclosure" from hospitals and docs for their prices.

>......OH, sorry....


At 5:55 PM, Blogger badgervan said...

Health Savings Accounts are great for the young and healthy, and greater yet for the insurance companies. The rest of us would be pretty much screwed.


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