Monday, December 26, 2005

WMC whitewashes lead paint industry

The lead paint industry is trying hard to rid itself of any responsibility for the serious damage it has done to the health of thousands of young Wisconsin children and their families. A lapdog Republican legislature has passed a bill that would make it impossible for victims to sue the manufacturers, as we reported in a previous post, Lead paint issue isn't about lawyers; it's about victims poisoned for life.

Lisa Kaiser looks at the issue in a Shepherd-Express article, "Who is Responsible for Lead Paint Poisoning?"

The most amazing answer to that question comes from James Buchen of Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce Assn. (WMC):

“I think the folks who are responsible for the improper maintenance are responsible [for exposing children to lead],” said WMC’s Buchen, pointing the finger at landlords and homeowners.

And the companies that produced the lead paint?

“We don’t think they have any responsibility,” Buchen said.


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