Monday, January 30, 2006

Green's Secret Vote

Still no word on who Mark Green is supporting to replace his friend Tom Delay as Majority Leader. Green refuses to tell anyone who he is supporting with the secret vote coming on Thursday.

Xoff has posted on this earlier. Green's vote will tell alot about what he looks for in "leadership."

Ryan and F. James are backing John Shadegg.

Like Delay and Green, Shadegg has Connections to the Abramoff Scandal

"Rep. Shadegg shed more than $6,900 in campaign contributions from sources connected with lobbyist Jack Abramoff. Three contributions involved the congressman's use of sports suites provided to him for fund-raisers at hockey and basketball games at the MCI Center in Washington and one fund-raising dinner paid for by Abramoff partner Kevin Ring. The total value was calculated as $5,444. Shadegg is among the more than 30 congressional Republicans who signed letters on behalf of Abramoff clients just days after Abramoff or his clients gave them money or hosted fundraisers for them."

For more on the three candidates, check this out Mark.

Will secrets be revealed on Thursday?


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