Sunday, January 29, 2006

No Pack, Paul?

It is a time honored tradition in Wisconsin politics for campaigns to try and shine the bright light of our Green Bay Packers tradition on their candidates. Rarely does a website get set up for a political campaign without some reference to Packer glory.

Mark Green has his family in Packer paraphernalia in front of lamb. Scott Walker has his family superimposed in front of Lambeau (but not Miller Park?), JB Van Hollen has a picture of his family at a game, and even John Gard, who lives in Sun Prarie but is running for Congress to represent Green Bay, has a picture of himself at Lambeau.

Of course, as we all know, and I hate to remind you, the Packers aren't winning lately but what do you think Attorney General candidate Paul Bucher is thinking?

On the Bucher website not even a hint of the Green and Gold. Nothing Packer.

You don't suppose it has anything with the fact that Bucher doesn't want to remind people that he's the one who fumbled the prosecution of former Packer Mark Chmura?

The fact that he failed to prosecute Chmura with anything for enticing a 17-year-old girl into the bathroom and sexually assaulting her at a post-prom party may make it hard for him to make the claim of Wisconsin's "top cop" but is it preventing him from giving our beloved Packers a little love on his website?

After all, Bucher has said the Chmura case is one he's "proud of."

What gives. No Pack, Paul?