Sunday, January 29, 2006

Sykes' "soft bigotry of low expectations"

Do voucher supporters want to know if these children are getting a good education?

No they don't. Otherwise they would support some sort of standards and accountability for achievement in Milwaukee's voucher schools.

"We have a moral obligation to make sure every child gets a good education. That's how I -- it's a moral obligation to make sure that we herald success and challenge failure. It's not right to have a system that quits on kids. I mean, some schools may not think they're quitting on kids, but when you shuffle kids through the schools without determining whether or not they can read and write and add and subtract, I view that as quitting on kids. I called it the soft bigotry of low expectations. In other words, you believe certain children can't learn, so, therefore, just move them through. It's kind of a process world, isn't it? It's more important that somebody be shuffled through than it is to determine whether or not they're capable of meeting certain standards in certain grades."

That's voucher supporter, George Bush. Should these comments apply to Milwaukee's voucher program? Most people would say yes and they're right, but the GOP legislature doesn't believe we should care if these kids are being left behind.

See any hypocrisy here? If voucher supporters really cared about these kids they would be spending their time trying to find a good school for them, not lobbying for a way to give a school like L.E.A.D.E.R more taxpayer money in the form of lifting the cap on the school choice program.

The next time Charlie Sykes talks about "standing in the schoolhouse door" he needs to take a look in the mirror, because it is he who is standing there letting the kids who need a quality education most enter the door of a failed school like L.E.A.D.E.R.


At 1:17 AM, Blogger Irwin Fletcher said...

The glee that the MJS and the liberals show over another Choice school being closed makes me sick. The fact is, MPS should be shut down if it were to be held to the same standards as the choice schools. MPS fails to educate its students, just look at the grade point average of the student body, it's fiscal management is horrible and it's pension plan is so underfunded that if it were a private company it would be in receivership by the PBGC. If any reporter wanted a great story they should file an open records request for the School Audit records of MPS and report on the waste and fraud that these records will show. If they wanted to see waste they should go to MPS central office and go to the receiving dept. to see first hand the rooms full of unclaimed merchandise that schools order but never receive because of the outdated procurement system that MPS uses.
The reality of the situation is this. MPS has failed in its mission and its time that the liberal establishment accept that fact and allow others to craft a new system to educate the children of Milwaukee. The results of MPS' failures can be seen in the large number of African American males filling our prisons and dying in the streets everyday. If you feel that the state of Milwaukee's education system is satisfactory then you are right to do nothing to change it, but I feel that we can do better and we cannot wait another day.

Irwin Fletcher

At 8:02 PM, Blogger Harris Kane said...

The same standards of the choice schools? And those would be what?

What would you propose to improve MPS besides shutting it down?

At 6:45 PM, Blogger Brent said...

Yes charter and choice schools are held to a higher standard ... thats why the bad ones are being shut down, I don't see any MPS schools with the same baggage being closed. MPS is failing our kids is the bottom line.


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