Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Inside information?

Jessica McBride, in a Waukesha Freeman column:

"Because no matter how hard the Democrats try to camouflage it, last time I looked it was their candidate and their candidate alone who is being investigated by Steve Biskupic for pay for play."
Journal Sentinel, May 10 story:
A local offshoot investigation began last summer after questions were raised about a $100 million Milwaukee County bond deal underwritten by Bear Stearns and the Journal Sentinel reported Hurtgen's political connections to Walker, now a Republican candidate for governor.

The paper reported that Hurtgen helped set up a 2003 Chicago fund-raiser for Walker during a period when Bear Stearns was seeking county bond business. Records of the bond deal were missing, but later turned up.

Levine and his wife, Sheri, gave Walker a total of $5,000 around the same time, according to county records.

Walker on Monday defended the county's actions.

"Every independent review of the work done by Bear Stearns shows that the process was legitimate and that the plan saved taxpayers money," Walker said. "The county used numerous safeguards to ensure a fair process with positive results."

However, aspects of the bidding process were criticized by an auditing firm hired last year by the County Board. Auditors concluded that the county generally has an acceptable bidding and award process in place, but for bond transactions, several improvements could "elevate the public's confidence."

Milwaukee County District Attorney E. Michael McCann found no evidence of political pressure during the selection of Bear Stearns, he said Monday.

A federal investigation into aspects of the county deal continues. U.S. Attorney Steven M. Biskupic declined to comment Monday.

Did Buskupic clear Walker at some point and not tell anyone? Or is McBride just wrong?


At 3:25 PM, Blogger hoofer said...

Yeah, amazing there haven't been any indictments. Brian Wrubel from Marquette Associates also gave monies to Walker. Did he and Hurtgen have an inside deal that would go something like this...Hurtgen gets the bond issuance, marquette Associates get's to manage the money and Hurtgen get's a finders fee? All this of course would be too close to what was already going on in Illinois, right?

Also, why would Hurtgen change the way he was laready doing business in Wiscosnin? Doyle and Buskupic never investigated him before despite continous report into what are seeingly really shady dealings.

Pretty lame.


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