Thursday, January 19, 2006

Who decides, party bosses or the people?

State Rep. Terri McCormick, R-Appleton, was surprised and a bit put out to learn that the Republican Congressional Committee has decided to support her opponent, Speaker John Gard, R-Sun Prairie/Peshtigo for Congress. McCormick and Gard are both running in the GOP primary for the open seat being vacated by gov wannabe Mark Green.

McCormick criticized party bosses for lining up for her opponent so early. "The voters should speak first instead of political insiders," she said, according to the AP story.

Voters sometimes react badly to the party bosses trying to tell them who to support. Ask Bob Kasten, who was endorsed for governor, but lost to Lee "Let the People Decide" Dreyfus in the GOP primary. That's when the state party quit endorsing in primaries.

Free advice to the McCormick campaign: "Let the People Decide" has a nice ring to it. Try it on for size, and run against the bosses and the machine, which Gard truly represents.


At 11:11 AM, Blogger I'm Fine said...

McCormick may want to re-think that advice. I believe "Let The People Decide" was used by Robert Gerald Lorge in his U.S. Senate campaign in '04. Not sure that's the wagon McCormick wants to hitch herself to.


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