Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Revival of caucus scandal has implications for Gard and Walker too

The GOP and their blog allies are shooting for Rich Judge and Jim Doyle with their revival of the caucus scandal, but they could end up hitting John Gard and Scott Walker instead.

We have yet to see the interview files from the Assembly GOP investigation. But given what we've seen in the Assembly Dem files, there is no reason at all to doubt that numerous Assembly Repubs will be implicated in a variety of activities. Chief among them will likely be John Gard, who as the former co-chair of Joint Finance played a central role on Jensen's leadership team, especially when it came to raising money for RACC and other entities. If I were John Gard right now, I'd be sweating bullets about when that shoe is going to drop. You can bet that folks like Jason Kratochwill weren't shy about dishing on Gard and all sorts of other members (including then-Rep. Joe Leibham).

Scott Walker faces similar problems. Although he never reached the lofty ranks of Gard, he nevertheless was a long-time committee chair (Corrections) and by all accounts was an active member of the caucus.

Think about it this way: Jim Doyle didn't get his campaign lit pieces done in the caucuses. Gard and Walker almost certainly did, and much more besides. They have far more to lose than Doyle if the Caucus Scandal gains any currency in this cycle.

P.S. As to the "selective prosecution" argument: were I a member of the Senate GOP right now, I'd be really, really nervous about where that is going to lead. Panzer may be gone, but if the Assembly Dem files are any indication, there are sure to be other names that get named in those investigative files as well.

P.P.S. Mark Green/Graul isn't out of the woods on this either. The John Doe investigation talked to lots of people going back well before the 2000 cycle ... time will tell (sooner than later).