Friday, April 14, 2006

More trouble for TABOR

First it was the Madison Chamber of Commerce, expressing opposition to Bride of TABOR.

Now the Wisconsin Realtors have joined in, telling WisPolitics:
"We don't support what came out of the committee yesterday. Our association has always supported the concept of reasonable costs limits, but that draft has some really big problems."
Add to the growing list the Wisconsin Economic Development Association, which wrote to legislators about its concerns.

The more business groups speak up, the more cover it gives to Republican legislators who are nervous about the amendment, which seems to change every day, and want a good reason to vote no.

There's still a good chance the big GOP majority can push it through the Assembly, but the Senate is going to be a struggle. It has never had the necessary 17 votes there, and still doesn't.

This is one they can't even blame on Jim Doyle. The governor doesn't even have to sign it. The legislature must pass it twice and then voters decide in a statewide referendum. Supporters still hope that could be in 2007, but chances of that seem more remote every day.


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