Thursday, April 13, 2006

One Thompson heard from; Do I hear two?

Wisconsin's favorite libertarian, Ed Thompson, opines on the amendment to ban gay marriages and civil unions:
It is estimated that somewhere between one to ten percent of the population is forbidden from getting married. I'm talking about gays and lesbians who live in states banning same-sex marriage. Politicians and others who oppose same-sex marriage nitpick over whether marriage is legally intended to be between a man and a woman, rather than looking at the human issue involved here...

The wisest thing we can do is respect the legality of marriage with a civil contract. Just like any other contract between two parties. Government does not forbid marriage based on religious belief or race or any other category, except sexual preference. Let the government take care of the contract and leave the morality of the union up to the individuals and their own beliefs, whether they are gay or lesbian or heterosexual.

This is Ed Thompson with just a little common sense.
So one Thompson does the right thing. Meanwhile, Brother Tommy is looking for a way to make a big splash in Wisconsin during this campaign cycle.

Here's an idea, Tommy: Why not become the champion of Fair Wisconsin? Give them your support, your name, and your face and voice in radio and TV commercials. Show people what a caring, compassionate conservative thinks. Help defeat that discriminatory amendment. In your heart, you know it's wrong.

If you still have too much time and energy left after that, maybe you could make some speeches and cut some commercials against the Bride of TABOR, aka Taxpayer Protection Amendment. You know, Tommy, that one reason you were a popular governor is that you had the job during economic boom times, with revenue rolling in, and you spent every penny on programs people liked. So it would be entirely logical for you to be the face of opponents to that amendment, too.

It would be a lot less stressful, and a lot less work, than running for office.

You'd still get plenty of attention.

And you could even be a hero.

Let's talk.


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