Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Cops name 'best' leggies; who are 'worst'?

The Wisconsin Professional Police Association's PAC is on the air with radio spots praising five legislators for "their outstanding voting records supporting the state’s law enforcement community," the group says.

The positive ads say nice things about State Sens. Luther Olsen,R- Ripon, Carol Roessler, R-Oshkosh, and Julie Lassa, D-Stevens Point, and State Reps. Sheldon Wasserman (D-Milwaukee) and Robin Kreibich (R-Eau Claire).

Inquiring minds wondered, if these are the five "best" legislators in the eyes of WPPA, who are the worst? (Or maybe I'm just a negative kind of guy.)

The 11,000-member group is non-partisan, as evidenced by the fact that three Rs and two Ds are being praised in the spots. (Lassa, Olsen and Roessler rank 1-2-3 in the Senate scores, and Wasserman is #1 in the Assembly, but the group reached down to the 9th spot to choose Kreibich.

The group's legislative report card and rankings puts three Republicans at the bottom of the State Senate rankings. Tom Reynolds of West Allis is dead last, and somehow managed to get a minus rating. Alberta Darling and Mary Lazich, two suburban Republicans, didn't do much better.

In the Assembly, Pat Strachota, R-West Bend, was on the bottom of the list, with Jeff Wood, R-Chippewa Falls, Ann Nischke, R-Waukesha, Dan Meyer, R-Eagle River, and Mark Gottlieb, R-Port Washington, all with scores of less than 10. Wasserman, who ranked first, by comparison, had 153.

WPPA represents active and retired members from more than 375 local associations.


At 10:13 AM, Blogger publius said...

Maybe the WPPA will give the GWC some money to run ads against the bad leggies...


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