Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Green's sleight of hand on DeLay's money

Jessica McBride, near the end of a long rant on her blog about the Georgia Thompson case:
Contrast this with Mark Green giving back the Tom Delay cash. He gave the money back after Delay was indicted even though the money and Green had zero connections to the indictment and there were no allegations of wrongdoing by Green at all. He gave it back to shut up the media, which wouldn't let up about it. I don't even think he had to give it back. There was no allegation of wrongdoing, and Delay's legal problems had nothing to do with that money or Green. NOTHING.
Only one problem with that comparison: Green didn't give back the DeLay money.

Green said he would dispose of the money, but it is still in his bank account.

Although there were ways he legally could have disposed of the tainted $30,000, Green announced that he wanted to give the money to charity, which is not allowed under current state law.

So, he said, he would simply hang on to the money until the state changed the law to accomodate his whim.

Even his Republican cronies who control both houses of the legislature couldn't see their way clear to change the law, and they adjourned without doing anything -- and without Green asking them to do anything about it.

So Green, after posing for his holy pictures, still has the dirty DeLay money in his bank account.

Hat tip: Grumps at the Happy Circumstance.


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