Monday, July 24, 2006

Taking it to the air

Jim Doyle's campaign says it is launching a new TV commercial on Tuesday, on the stem cell issue. It says Mark Green's too extreme. Watch it here.

Meanwhile, Fair Wisconsin goes up on Tuesday with its second spot, a variation on the theme that the constitional amendment on "gay marriage" will have far-reaching effects on people who are not gay and aren't married. Sneak preview.


At 2:30 PM, Blogger Shades said...

What a shock - team Doyle misrepresents Green's position on stem cells.

“So when a Washington politician like Mark Green says he’s going to outlaw stem cell research, I say, tell it to my daughter.”

As you all know, Green does want to outlaw stem cell research. He does want limitations on federal funding for cloning and other, narrowly-defined procedures.

The ad implies that Green is against all stem cell research when in fact, he is only opposed to federal funding for certain types of embryonic stem cell procedures.

Of course, if you could win the argument on the facts - you would not need to misrepresent.

At 6:07 PM, Blogger Bob Thompson said...

If he voted for the original stem cell research funding bill, but now is voting against the latest funding for stem cell research calling it morally wrong, doesn't that make his original vote immoral? Consistency anyone?

At 8:42 PM, Blogger Shades said...

I'll write slow so you can follow along.

The initial vote authorized funding for existing lines. That means they were already not a viable option for donating. Green authorized funding for research on those lines but said - no more additional lines, stick with the ones you have. His vote last week said exactly the same thing. Stick with the same lines, no new ones.

Perfectly consistent. But for Doyle - who doesn't mention the word embryonic in the add once - the truth matters little.

Are you claiming that Green is opposed to adult stem cell research? Opposed to current line embryonic stem cell research?

Evidently you are in agreement with the Doyle add which intentionally muddies the water and refers to "stem cell research." Again - if you have the facts on your side, you don't need to misrepresent.

At 11:25 PM, Blogger Kay said...

There are thousands of blastocyst stage embryos that are not going to survive much longer in storage, is what Green voting against really what people can or cannot do with those blastocysts created from their own cells? Yes, he is. He is taking away people's freedom to do what they wish with their own cells. Where will that stop? before the cells ever leave the body at some point, it will if the right wing has their way, because the zealous religious right doesn't believe in birth control either. This is the first step on a path that will take away more freedom from individuals and give the "state" the right to tell us what we can and cannot do with our own bodies.

At 11:29 PM, Blogger Kay said...

Oh, yes, I forgot the original question. Doyle's ad is correct in that the stopping of progress in reseach is what Green is really opposed to. It all comes to an almost stand still if no more pluripotent cells can be cultured here in the US.
The rest of the world is moving ahead of us as we argue this ridicules point.

At 9:13 AM, Blogger Shades said...

The state is not telling you what you can or cannot due in this instance - it is only telling you what federal funding can be used for. Private research has no such restrictions.

But if you are an anti private sector zealot, then your addiction to government may be at fault here.


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