Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Don't drink the water, kids

First legislators favored factory farms over children's health, as we reported earlier this week. Now they've gone another step, Carrie Lynch reports, blocking a rule designed to keep a cancer-causing herbicide out of Wisconsin wells. Lynch says:
The chemical, alachlor-ESA, is a byproduct of the herbicide alachlor manufactured by Monsanto. They blocked it despite the fact that the cancer causing byproduct has been found in 43 percent of the wells tested in the southern two-thirds of Wisconsin.
Even the Journal Sentinel article began:
Siding with the Monsanto Co. over recommendations by state agencies...
What is going on? Time to check campaign contributions to Republicans on those committees, who are the ones who voted wrong in both cases.

Wis. Democracy Campaign has done the research.


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