Thursday, August 10, 2006

Holding Green accountable on Iraq

Lieberman, who says he will now run as an independent, has been held accountable by many of his constituents, though we should recognize that this was a primary and not a general election. It remains to be seen if the same accountability is in store for others who can be tagged as too close to the president, including at least one gubernatorial candidate. That would be U.S. Rep. Mark Green, who has supported the president on Iraq and other issues.

Should Wisconsinites take into account Green's congressional record when they vote for governor? Of course they should. His congressional record is likely more of a mixed bag than his detractors depict, but in the absence of a more recent state record, it's more than fair game. The war, in particular, is fair game, not just for Green but in assessing all congressional candidates. It goes to judgment.-- Journal Sentinel editorial
Green's congressional record on Iraq is not a mixed bag.

Green has blindly voted for the Bush-Cheney-Rumseld war, right down the line. He's even enlisted as one of the war's biggest cheerleaders, founding the Victory in Iraq caucus in the House. Green has voted to spend more than 400 billion dollars on the war so far, and with no end in sight the total cost could reach a trillion dollars.

Green opposes efforts to speed up withdrawal of troops or set a timeline for bringing them home. He still insists on staying until we achieve "victory," whatever that would be.

Green should be held accountable for his record on Iraq. As the JS says, it goes to judgment.

UPDATE: The Brew City Brawler says I'm being too harsh -- by about one degree, I think. The Brawler also tracks Green's optimistic predictions about the war and his claims of "progress" in Iraq which began in 2003.


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Hell, yes!

The Iraq war is directly correlative to State governance questions, such as....



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