Monday, August 21, 2006

It's an election year miracle

The Associated Press reports on Congressman Mark Green's election-year conversion on ethics reform, on which he has done an about-face:
WASHINGTON - U.S. Rep. Mark Green, who has made ethics reform a centerpiece of his campaign for governor, repeatedly voted with the House GOP leadership against tougher ethics rules during his first seven years in Congress, an Associated Press review has found.

After declaring for governor last year, the Wisconsin Republican broke with his party three times this year to support Democratic lobbying reform bills aimed at strengthening ethics rules.

"I was not really expecting Representative Green to be supporting good government reforms of this year, based on his past record," said Craig Holman, campaign finance lobbyist for Public Citizen, a public interest group in Washington.
And Carrie Lynch skewers Green's lame explanations.

Postscript: The AP's story makes the Journal Sentinel's embarrassingly lame coverage of Green on ethics look even worse.


At 10:07 AM, Blogger grumps said...

I thought that breaking up the DNR was the centerpiece. Green hasn't done much about ethics reform in Wisconsin. He certainly refused to show any leadership on SB1.

At 8:37 AM, Blogger Paul_Robeson said...

I was happily surprised to read the AP story in its entirety. It included this line: "AP's review covered key votes Green has cast since he entered the House in 1999."

What a concept! They actually looked at Green's voting record!

Part of what really riles me about the spurious pay-for-play allegations repeatedly leveled at Doyle by the JS is that the paper apparently refuses to compare Green's votes against the list of contributors to his various campaigns.

But wait -- I almost forgot that they are busy chronicling the zany travels of the "Green Machine." That explains it.


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