Monday, August 21, 2006

155 years and counting

From No Death Penalty Wisconsin, which launched a new website today:
Exactly 155 years ago today, the state of Wisconsin executed John McCaffrey for the murder of his wife, Bridget McCaffrey in Kenosha. It was the last execution to be carried out on Wisconsin soil. The public hanging of McCaffrey proved to be the catalyst for a strong statewide movement to end capital punishment and just two years later, the Death Penalty Repeal Act was signed into law.

On November 7th, Wisconsin voters will once again have to decide whether they want state-sanctioned killing to be carried out in their names. Voters will decide whether bringing back the death penalty will be a benefit or a burden for the people of Wisconsin.

No Death Penalty Wisconsin is a 501(c)4 referendum campaign. No Death Penalty Wisconsin consists of representatives from organizations as diverse as the Wisconsin Coalition Against the Death Penalty, American Civil Liberties Union of Wisconsin, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Wisconsin Council of Churches, Amnesty International, Peace Action of Wisconsin, and Wisconsin AFL-CIO.


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