Thursday, September 14, 2006

CRG has no shame, keeps plowing new ground

Here we go again: The LaCrosse Tribune:
Group to defend 'average taxpayer'

Vowing to become a "special interest group for taxpayers," Citizens for Responsible Government-La Crosse announced its formation Tuesday.

"You have interest groups of all varieties, but there's very few ... that advocate just for the average taxpayer," said Steve Gores, one of the founders.

They've affiliated with the CRG Network, a Milwaukee-based group that helps organize and support citizen watchdog groups in Wisconsin.
Their main occupation is recalling elected officials. Fresh from a miserable failure in Sheboygan, after embarrassing themselves in Madison, CRG has decided to Go West.

Last November, CRG announced it would put "boots on the ground" in all 72 counties and have a $1-million warchest to beat Gov. Jim Doyle.

How's that going? I'd urge any Republicans wondering where to invest to write a check to CRG, rather than wasting it on a contribution to a candidate or the Republican Party. But don't take my word for it, Republican readers. Take it from one of your own:
Assembly Majority Leader Mike Huebsch, R-West Salem, attended the group's announcement and said he's "looking forward to them watching over me, over my colleagues in the Legislature, and certainly over every tax dollar that's spent in La Crosse County."
Forget those checks to Huebsch and the Republican Assembly committee; invest today in CRG.


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