Friday, September 15, 2006

Green puts 'For Sale' sign out for Realtors

Congressman Mark Green, who sees a link between every dollar Jim Doyle raises and every action Doyle takes, has been caught red-handed taking money from Realtors with one hand while writing proposals to benefit them with the other.

The latest example was in August, when Green pocketed more than $100,000 days before he unveiled a plan to ease up on regulation of the real estate industry, the AP reported.

But that's just the most recent. The Journal Sentinel reported recently on a 2002 case where Green collected special interest money from Realtors and paid them back with a letter saying exactly what they wanted on a pending federal rule.

Today, One Wisconsin Now says Green started trading favors with the Realtors back in his legislative days:
In January 1994, Green received $1,220 in Wisconsin Realtors Association PAC and conduit money and then was the main author of a bill to give real estate agents a partial exemption from a fraudulent sales representation law. The bill, which passed the state assembly in November of 1995, would only make real estate agents legally responsible only if they knowingly gave false information to a client, unlike other sales representatives who are responsible even if they did not know the information was false. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, "Assembly Sold on Realtors Bill," November 15, 1995; Wisconsin State Journal, "Assembly OKs Bill to Protect Real Estate Agents from Lawsuits," November 15, 1995)
Think that's all? Wanna bet? Stay tuned, as we learn more about the guy who would be governor.


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