Saturday, October 28, 2006

Representation without representation

Here are some excerpts from a letter to the editor of the Capital Times. Eugene Hahn, I regret to say, is the incumbent Republican state rep in Columbia and Sauk Counties:
Dear Editor:

When asked in last week's Lodi candidate forum to provide views on stem cell research, Eugene Hahn stated several times that he didn't know much about stem cell research, adding: "When I'm not certain, it's better to vote no." Meagan Yost [his Dem opponent] countered: "I'm an advocate of finding out the information before you vote, not after you vote."

... Hahn then pleaded a case against "gay marriage," ending with: "I think a civil union will probably be a better solution." Meagan Yost had to point out to Hahn that the proposed constitutional amendment would also ban civil unions...

Eugene Hahn helped block a vote on a Republican-sponsored ethics bill, then sent us all that glossy campaign piece: "Gene has worked hard to reform the way things are done in Madison." The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, in a Sept. 24 top-of-the fold expose, quoted Hahn as saying he would leave making changes to others: "We need something, and I haven't got the vision to see how this thing goes." ...
Steve Braker
Hat tip: My old comrade, Fighting Ed.


At 11:48 AM, Blogger nosefornews said...


Xoff sends kudos to fellow traveler turned nemesis Fightin' Ed.

Have the Dems finally found a path to victory by putting aside minor differences and working together for The Greater Good?

Stay tuned friends. After all, the election may rest in the hands of Diebold...



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