Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Standing up to power

As often happens, Seth Zlotocha has posted
a commentary
on something that I'd been ruminating about but hadn't gotten around to -- the Harley giveback blackmail.

Nothing surprising that the company asked the workers to amputate their own limbs, sell out future co-workers with a two-tier wage scale, and swallow some poison brew. That's par for the course these days.

The surprising thing is that in 2006 the workers stood up and said no.

A demand for concessions made by a pin-striped Chicago lawyer, sitting across the bargaining table, changed my life -- for the better.

It's not easy to say no. It's frightening. Management holds all the cards. And if you think the National Labor Relations Act protects workers, think again.

But once you take a stand, you'll be forever changed. Life may get harder economically, but you'll hold your head higher and stand up straighter.

Hats off to the Harley workers.


At 10:30 AM, Blogger krshorewood said...

Unlike the folks over at the conservative blogs, it is refreshing to see people stand up for themselves.

At 5:17 PM, Blogger redvest said...

Harley Workers are going to ruin that company. right now harley is between a rock and a hard place financially and interms of future orders for bikes. These idiots are digging their own grave just like the UAW. Stupid. Union's nothing more then a pyramid scheme- enriching the Union cheifs pulling downs hunderd thousand dollar salaries, protecting the losers on the bottom and squeezing the guys in the middle. Moreover, they blindly support democrates whose crazy lefties hate everything about thier jobs. The lefties hate thier jobs, hate thier guns hate the fact that they fish and hunt.

Unions are totally obsolete in modern society, with open book management, corporations are out to hurt thier employees they are there to help. With 4.5% unemployement it's too hard to find replacements...these idiots at Harley are running themselves and the company right out of a future.

But Hurray!!!!


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