Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Wacky is right

This from the guy who is starting to make State Senator Tom Reynolds seem sane by comparison:
Wacky WEAC Liars
By Bob Dohnal, Publisher
Wisconsin Conservative Digest

It is really hard to understand how the people that teach our children can tolerate the lies being told about people that are actually their friends, with their own money.

I am talking about the commercials being aired by WEAC on TV against Senator Tom Reynolds, the most effective tool educators in his district had last session to get funds for their district.
The rant goes on for awhile. Dohnal is a Reynolds campaign advisor.

Only problem is, WEAC is not running any commercials against Reynolds.

It's another group entirely.

Dohnal never lets the facts get in the way, though. But for someone who's always talking about legal action when people say something he doesn't like or claims isn't true, he might want to do a little fact-checking himself now and then.

UPDATE: WEAC not wacky, Dohnal says.

I'm not sure he's the best judge, but here's some of today's e-correspondence:
Enclosed is an article I circulated yesterday amongst the blogs. That article is in error. It was not WEAC that bought and paid for the ad and I have been assured that there was not any dues money that went into paying for it. Until I find different then I have to accept their word.

This is actually a relief to me as I could not see why the teachers were going to kick someone that helped the education group with such a sleazy ad. Teachers have a responsibility to reach for a higher ground and stimulate good, solid debate.
Dohnal wouldn't know higher ground if he tripped over it; he's been waging a totally negative campaign against Jim Sullivan for months. The ever-litigious Dohnal is still talking about going to the DA about the spot.


At 9:00 PM, Blogger krshorewood said...

If we could some how retain Donhal's hot air we'd have enough energy to keep Wisconsin warm all winter.


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