Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Giving people a voice and vote on Iraq

Whitefish Bay voters will have a chance in April to express themselves in a referendum on the war in Iraq.

The village board put the question on the ballot after a petition drive, even though some of the board members disagree with the organizers, who want the U.S. to withdraw its troops, the JS reports:
However, the board's approval does not signify their support for the measure, said Trustee Anthony Busalacchi, chairman of the committee that considered a petition circulated by an anti-war group.

"We had two options," Busalacchi told a reporter. "We could adopt the language of the petition as our resolution or we could place it on the ballot and let the voters speak."

Busalacchi, a Korean War veteran, said there was considerable opposition on the board and the general sentiment was that the resolution was unpatriotic and not supportive of American troops.

"No one is more supportive of our troops than I am," said Busalacchi. "The issue is should we or should we not allow this resolution to be placed on the ballot."
That's the way it's supposed to work, but officials in Watertown and Monona have looked for technicalities to try to keep the question off the ballot. But they may still realize there is nothing wrong -- and a lot right -- with letting the public express itself on important national issues.

The question, is various forms, will be on the ballot in many Wisconsin communities on April 4. In Milwaukee, it is awaiting final approval, but may end up on the November ballot. Here's a roundup.


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