Wednesday, February 01, 2006

"The Sorcerer's Apprentice": Spencer Black might want to re-think that primary challenge to Doyle

Rep. Spencer Black has been taking up space in the 77th Assembly District since 1984, waiting for octogenarian Sen. Fred Risser to retire or otherwise ... vacate his seat.

Black is an ardent liberal and has not hesitated to repeatedly and publicly criticize Gov. Doyle for his lack of left-wing purity. He has even gone so far as to repeatedly float the idea that he might run against Doyle. For this, he has earned the adoration of the Ed Garvey crowd.

But Garvey, et al might want to re-think things after reading from pg. 34 of the Jensen document dump on Assembly Dem Caucus campaign activity. To whit:

"In the middle of May 2001, just after the leadership change in the Assembly [from Krug to Black], [Rich] Judge briefed Black for a trip to Washington, DC to meet with Josh White and Kevin Mack, DLCC leader. One topic of conversation during this briefing was the Wisconsin Voter Education Fund (WVEF) that they had set up in the 2000 cycle. Black wanted to know how the money moved with the DLCC; how Wisconsin Democrats could get money back to Wisconsin from DLCC. Senator Chuck Chvala went to D.C. to attend this meeting with Black. Around the Wisconsin Capitol this trip came to be referred to as "the Sorcerer's Apprentice Trip", that is Black was to learn how Chvala operated ... Josh White said that Black did not understand that the only reason Chvala caused Black to be leader of the Assembly Democrats was because Chvala and Krug had a fight over redistricting issues."

Now what would Ed Garvey think about THAT?