Sunday, February 05, 2006

This is Harris Kane signing off...

This is Harris Kane signing off... it has been a hoot and maybe I'll be back, maybe I won't, only time will tell.

Thanks to Xoff for the opportunity to share my thoughts and observations, they are mine and only mine, my gift to you.

For those of you wondering what I look like, here's a pic.

Good night and good luck...

UPDATE: Just as I sign off, the shameless, self-promoting, right wing-nut blogger Jessica McBride takes issue with 2 of my posts this week. She used something I have offered here- the opportunity to comment- something she doesn't. McBucher has taken issue with the fact that I said her husband, Paul, didn't "prosecute" the Chmura case. She says he did "prosecute" the case, he just lost and didn't get any conviction. I guess in her world it's the jury's fault that Chmura walked and not Bucher's. Anyway you cut it I thnk the Spice Boyz out it best when they described Bucher's "prosecution" of the Chmura case as a "a humiliating courtroom defeat in the national spotlight." So when Paul Bucher talks about "prosecuting" cases in his campaign, be careful, he's not talking about cases he won, he also talking about cases he lost--where someone charged with a crime got off, walked, like Chmura.


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