Saturday, February 04, 2006

You won't have Xoff to kick around ...

Wait, don't get too gleeful. It's just for a week. Like Tricky Dick, I'll be back.

But I will be at a secure, undisclosed location until Feb. 4, far from the Internet and the telephone. (No, not Baghdad. And if I see Dick Cheney where I'm going, I'll be surprised -- and disappointed.)

In my absence, I've asked a few friends to share their opinions and innermost thoughts with you. It's not on any schedule. We are not that organized. We are Democrats. They will post if and when they feel like it. Maybe a little, maybe a lot. Maybe naught.

Some will use their names, but others will use nom de blogs.

Enjoy the change of pace. I know I will.

This notice will stay up while I'm gone. New posts start below.