Saturday, February 04, 2006

Jensen loses, again

Unsurprisingly, Scott Jensen failed in his bid to argue "selective prosecution" in the caucus scandal. This would be Very Bad News for Scooter.

Beyond the realm of the trial itself though, the decision has broader political implications. Most significantly, it means that Jensen's trial will be filled with days of testimony about the illegal campaign activity of Assembly Republicans, and nobody else. Just as numerous Assembly Dems got named in the investigative files released this week, Jensen's trial will be filled with testimony about how various Assembly GOP caucus staff did campaign work for Republican legislators.

The difference is that while the Dem information came from paper files, the GOP information will come from live testimony from Mickey Foti, Bonnie Ladwig, former caucus director Jason Kratochwill (pictured at left), et al. Which do you think will make for better TV and leave a more lasting impact?

Oh, and that sound you hear? That would be the collective sphincter-tightening of Mark Green and Scott Walker, both former Assembly GOP legislators when the caucus system was in its ascendance.