Saturday, February 04, 2006

Walker CRG Ally Wants $1 million of County Money

My, my: How the CRG worm turns.

Remember how the good folks at Citizens for Responsible Government (CRG) righteously tossed out Milwaukee County Exec Tom Ament in 2002 for squandering the public treasury and replaced him with Scott Walker?

Blogger and conservative commentator Jessica McBride summed up the CRG-Walker bonding this way in her recent "Milwaukee Insight" online column (the quotation marks are mine, to separate the quoted material from the rest of this posting):

"This is the crowd that scares the pants off Gov. Jim Doyle.

"Despite -- or maybe because of -- the mainstream media bashing he gets, Republican Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker remains a folk hero in this blue-collar, formerly reliable Democratic-labor union turf.

"That was clear on Jan. 14, when the taxpayer revolt group that helped propel Walker into office gathered in a packed hall for its fourth anniversary rally at Serb Hall on Milwaukee's South Side. "

Now we learn that Orville Seymer, CRG kingpin cum taxpayers' revolt field director, wants a $1 million - - from county taxpayers - - because County Board Chairman Lee Holloway tossed Seymer from a hearing lasat October.

Holloway and Seymer have a testy history, and Holloway probably overreacted, but should Seymer be playing a million-dollar victim card? With county taxpayers' money?

Consider Seymer's grab for a million bucks of taxpayer money in light of this line from the CRG's constitution (again, quotation marks added):

"CRG Network exists to represent the interests of Taxpayers in the State of Wisconsin."

We'll see if Scott Walker is strong enough to rein Seymer in or does that typical Walker 'not-my-problem' avoidance dance, indicating that the CRG scares his pants off.