Friday, August 11, 2006

Bush visit through two different lenses

It's all in the eye of the beholder, as coverage of George Bush's visit to Green Bay yesterday illustrates once again.

The Journal Sentinel:

At various points, the motorcade was greeted by small groups of protesters, some holding signs with Gard's picture that labeled him "Bush Lite."

Mostly, though, there were classic small-town scenes of people standing at their end of the driveway, waving flags or snapping pictures as the motorcade whizzed by. At the end of the day, a group raced to a fence near the airport as the motorcade pulled in, minutes before Air Force One took off.
The Associated Press:
About 50 people chanted "John Gard. Rubber Stamp" and held an anti-Bush sign at a street corner blocks from the factory Bush visited.

A man wearing a Bush mask told another man dressed like Gard how to vote on various issues. Then the Gard look-a-like would use a gigantic rubber stamp to stamp his name on red carpet that had various national issues written on it, including stem cell research.

Georgia Stillwell, 44, of Keshena, had a picture of her soldier son tacked to her sign - "Enjoy lunch while soldiers die!" - as Bush's motorcade sped by.

"It is unconscionable that he can sit down for a $1,000 a plate lunch while our soldiers are over there (In Iraq) in 100 degree heat risking their lives," she said.

Her son, Army Pfc. Robert Stillwell, served in Iraq in 2004, suffers from post traumatic stress disorder and recently received a general discharge due to his condition.


At 11:11 AM, Blogger grumps said...

Bush Lite?

John Gard is struggling to work up to Mark Green Lite.

At 12:33 PM, Blogger lightbringer said...

Yep, the JS spent one paragraph on the protesters and one paragraph on the non-protesters. The AP spent 5 paragraphs on the protesters and none on non-protesters. Thanks for pointing out the obvious bias of the AP.


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