Friday, August 11, 2006

Two sides to every story, even in the same paper

The Journal Sentinel continues to need treatment for its schizophrenia.

Yesterday's "news" stories -- the "objective" content that doesn't express opinions -- pretty much indicted Doyle for playing politics by attempting to lower gas prices for consumers. Sometimes good policy is also good politics, but that possibility doesn't fit Managing Editor George Stanley's view of the world. (He's the one driving and shaping the negative Doyle coverage.)

Meanwhile, back on today's editorial page -- where the opinions belong -- we find this:
...Gov. Jim Doyle's order on Tuesday to not enforce the law on gasoline blended with ethanol is a positive step for consumers and should not have come as a surprise to anyone. Doyle called for repeal of the law when he was attorney general, arguing that it was archaic and cost state consumers $50 million a year...

Was Doyle's order politically motivated? Sure. He's in a tough re-election campaign at the same time that voters are facing stiff prices at the pump and would be grateful for any relief. But that doesn't make his order a bad idea, and those who are criticizing Doyle for giving it are being just as political.
Does that apply to reporters and editors, too? Oops, forgot. The news room is "non-political." What a joke.


At 1:19 PM, Blogger George Roberts said...

Satire in the style of the Milwaukee Journal
Sentinel, which apparently doesn't realize its daily attacks on the
governor are a joke.


By the Journal Sentinel Madison Bureau

Madison – Serious questions have arisen about Gov. Jim Doyle getting
out of bed this morning.

The controversial governor's actions – coming on the heels of repeated
accusations of fraud by Democratic administrative officials – were
challenged from all sides -- even from overseas.

"You don't think Marc Marotta and Georgia Thompson are going to
blithely just arise this morning without thinking about the legal
problems they have due to Doyle," said Rick Wiley, executive director
of the state Republican Party. "It may be easy for Doyle to just get
out of bed, but it's going to be much harder for those many members of
this administration under investigation."

U.S. Prosecutor Steve Biskupic promised a "full and thorough"
investigation into Doyle's sleeping habits, saying "there have been
many allegations of improprieties." He repeated that there was no
political implications in his investigation, just as there haven't
been in any of his myrid other investigations of Democrats.

"The governor's arising this morning is yet another affront to
Wisconsin taxpayers," said an 8 a.m. press release from Republican
candidate Rep. Mark Green. "The cost of operating the governor's
mansion continued to rise during the Doyle era, and he's done nothing
so far today to address the massive cost of dirty sheets – not to
mention eggs and bacon."

The embattled governor's latest maneuvers even brought criticism from
overseas. "It's an obvious attempt to carry on as if nothing was
wrong," said U.S. Ambassador to the Czech Republic Rick Graber.
"Clearly, it's tied to the widespread voter fraud in Wisconsin."

Doyle vetoed measures passed by the State Legislature to deal with
voter fraud, and repeatedly has challenged attempts to legislate
relief for the state.

Bloggers around Wisconsin blasted the governor's rising. "It's what
liberals do," said Jessica McBride on her blog. "Do we see any support
of America or President Bush? Nooooo," said WISN radio personality
Mark Belling. "And he really thinks we are going to be fooled into
believing that he's getting out of bed to work," said TMJ4 talk show
host Charlie Sykes. "The state would be better off if he got back into

Voter Joe Blow, who voted for Doyle in the last election, attempted to
defend the governor. "Well, he's not hiding in bed, is he?" Blow
responded when asked whether he still supported the governor.
He declined to say he'd vote for Doyle again.

Read Daywatch at for breaking news of scandles in Doyle's breakfast
and morning walk.

At 1:58 PM, Blogger Xoff Rules said...

This comment cracks me up -- it really could run in the Sentinel Journal, and I doubt whether any readers would know the difference.

Xoff, Mr. Roberts' post deserves to be elevated to the regular column, and that would give you time to go get coffee, as busy and fun-filled as watching Wisconsin politics has been lately.

Or, as Paul Bucher would put it, Mr. Roberts' writing doesn't suck, either.


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