Monday, February 06, 2006

Conspiracy theory has some loose ends

Paranoia and conspiracy theories in the final weeks of the campaign cost Ed Garvey a U.S. Senate seat in 1986.

Twenty years later, the conspiracy theories and distrust/hatred of consultants are still in full bloom, as evidenced by today's Fighting Ed post.

It's not exactly a secret that I am a consultant to the Greater Wisconsin Committee, a non-profit issue advocacy group which has taken on issues like TABOR, lead paint, the minimum wage, the state budget, and -- just last week -- concealed weapons.

In fact, when I write for the Shepherd Express, I am always identified as a consultant to the Greater Wisconsin Committee.

Like Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, the Coalition for America's Families, and a host of conservative groups, Greater Wisconsin buys advertising as a way to influence public policy and generate grassroots support. I produce their radio and television.

Not much of a conspiracy, is it? Unless you make the WisPolitics connection, which is an indication of the fact that Garvey has a loose wire. WisOpinion hosts my blog and Melanie Fonder, who works for the Doyle campaign, used to work for WisPolitics. Soooooooo.... You'll have to ask Fighting Ed to explain. I am not smart enough to figure it out.


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