Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Endorsement Brings More Bad News to Peg's Troubled Campaign

Bad news on top of more bad news hit Peg Lautenschlager's troubled re-election bid for Attorney General this week.

First, newly published finance reports show Lautenschlager trailing Falk even though Falk's delayed entry into the race gave her far less time to raise money. These numbers paint an alarming picture.

Lautenschlager Campaign
Total raised in 2005: $321,605
Cash on hand: $161,542

Falk Campaign
Total raised in 2005: $345,252
Cash on hand: $432,000

But something happened to Lautenschlager today that will prove to be far more damaging to her campaign than her inability to keep up with Falk's fundraising.

Why is the decision by the Republicans in charge of the Wisconsin Realtors Association to endorse Peg bad news? Because it shows how desperately the Republicans want her to stay in the race. Peg Lautenschager gives them the best chance to take back the A.G.'s Office. That's reason enough to endorse someone they "hate" as much as Falk as an official with the realtors told me months ago.

"You know, we're going to try help Peg get past the primary to help our party's chances come November," more than one Republican lobbyist has confided in me between winks and snickers. I guess they feel free telling a Democrat all this because they assume everyone is going to see through this scheme.

Or maybe they expect that people will read the last sentence of today's Wisconsin Realtors Association "Statement Regarding Lautenschlager Endorsement:"

"Our association will review the outcome of the primary election and make a separate endorsement decision in the general election."


At 11:07 AM, Blogger me said...

The only scheme going on here is Xoff trying to trash Peg.

Peg raised plenty of money this cycle, more that both Republican opponents in fact. And Peg has more cash on hand that her Republican opponents. Kathleen raised a chunk too. Kudos to her for that.

As for endorsements, Peg is winning that race by a mile, and mainly from Labor. See her impressive and growing list of endorsements at

Political insiders are consumed with the idea that the candidate with the most money wins. The fact is that Peg Lautenschlager won the AG's race last time around with far less money than her Republican opponent. Wisconsin's own William Proxmire used to run and win on handshakes, and barely spent a cent. Peg is the kind of candidate more Democrats should try to emulate.

Xoff, your dog don't bark.


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