Friday, February 03, 2006

Next Jensen Step: Plea Deal

So Rep. Scott Jensen's (R-Town of Brookfield) goofy, last-ditch legal motion - - seeking dismissal of charges he's facing because 'all the other kids were doing it , too' - - has been tossed out of Dane County Circuit Court.

As predicted.

Several Madison judges (and when they were sentencing Democrats, no one called the judges "activists" ) decided that the corruption cases would go forward, and, not surprisingly, guilty pleas and reduced sentences piled up.

Now Jensen has to choose: A trial, and a huge role of the dice, or a plea, with damages and costs that are at least managed?

Does he want to be the last one standing before the fall, or does he want to be the smartest guy in the room, and cut his losses?

It may go down to the wire, and it will probably force his resignation, but look for Jensen to make a deal, too. A potential guilty verdict on three felonies at trial has a pretty steep downside.