Sunday, August 20, 2006

JS exclusive: Green campaigns for governor!

This will surprise you: Congressman Mark Green is running for governor, and actually campaigning around the state rather than spending the Congressional recess in Washington.

Not surprised? You already knew that?

Well, it was big news to the Journal Sentinel's intrepid Washington bureau reporters, who breathtakingly revealed what Green did on his summer vacation.

The column, by Daniel Kelly and Katherine Skiba, has this scoop:

However, in terms of road trips, no one can beat Green Bay House Republican Mark Green, who has been hot on the campaign trail, challenging incumbent Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle.

Green, who will vacate his 8th Congressional District seat, kicked off his 100 Stops in 100 Days: Roadmap to Make Wisconsin Great Again tour on July 31. Since then, Green has been touring the state in an RV that his staffers have dubbed the Green Machine.

"We are trying to touch every corner of the state," said Green, who spoke by phone en route to Pulaski. "And I know we will."

Green said he had been very active on the fair circuit. His day "usually starts off with breakfast on the farm somewhere," Green said. "Then I drive to Brat Fest in Madison, then it's on to Chocolate Fest in Burlington. . . and my day ends with Salmon-o-rama in Racine." [That was a really long day. Brat Fest and Chocolate Fest were on Memorial Day weekend, Salmon-o-Rama in mid-July. -- Xoff.]

Green said the RV tour was a great way to hear people's concerns, adding that this was "probably the most rewarding August I have ever had."

That's right, no one can top that Mark Green.

But don't you think calling it the "100 Stops in 100 Days: Roadmap to Make Wisconsin Great Again tour" in the newspaper might be just a little over the top? Will the paper print any silly political title Green tacks on to one of his stunts? (Never mind. We know the answer.)

Trying to touch every corner of the state in only three months? Quite a goal. He shared it with a reporter by phone on the way to Pulaski. You can see why he'd return their calls, but be "unavailable because he was campaigning" earlier this week when a reporter actually covering the gov's race wanted to talk to him about an actual issue.

It's "probably the most rewarding August" Green's ever had. Awwww, how special. It's certainly the most rewarding phone call he's had with someone claiming to be a reporter during August.



At 6:45 PM, Blogger Dailytakes said...

I think it contrasts nicely to the Governor, who has been reluctant to campaign in public. In fact, with the exception of some highly controlled media events, he's been insulated from public scrutiny since travelgate broke.

At 9:42 PM, Blogger Louis Kaye said...

Completely agree with xoff.
The article by K.Skiba is just another piece of right-wing campaign propaganda masquerading as a news report. She is a Republican publicity hound in journalist clothing. Barfing is too good for her, don't give it up.

At 5:06 AM, Blogger grumps said...

Do you sppose that the staffer who came up with that snappy "Green Machine" moniker got an extra piece of pizza?

At 9:42 AM, Blogger neo said...


you are a little off base on your assessment of the gov. i have seen him @ national night out(cudahy) and the MLK community center(MKE). both very public events...that's just 2 off the top of my head in the last month.


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