Saturday, August 19, 2006

Some fun now, hey?

The report from the Knob Creek, KY machine gun shoot, from AlterNet.

Wearing orange foam earplugs to muffle the nearby thunder of relentless automatic weapons fire, a grizzled man with SS lightning bolt tattoos on his forearms pulls a little red wagon loaded with rifle ammunition. Carefully picking his way through the teeming crowd, he passes table after table laden with machine guns, gas masks, combat knives, war memorabilia and bomb-making guides. The man sheds his camouflage tactical vest to reveal a worn black T-shirt emblazoned with a Totenkopf, the Death's Head symbol of the Waffen SS. Then he parks his wagon to join a huddle of shoppers surrounding a hard-faced spokeswoman from Valkyrie Arms who's extolling the virtues of the Olympia, Wash.-based arms maker's new product, the Valkyrior 556 Rotary Gun.

"It's .223-caliber, six barrels, basically you're looking at a hand-cranked mini-gun," she says.

The man asks, "What's the rate of fire?"

"Just as fast as you can crank it," she replies. "We just shipped a load of these babies to civilian security contractors in Iraq for convoy protection. When I go to sleep tonight, I'll dream of towel heads splattering all over the place."

"We need to ship a few to the border and start splattering Mexicans," he says.


At 9:18 AM, Blogger goofticket said...

Bush says he's trying to protect us from terrorists coming to America. I guess he has to keep quiet or the NRA-SS will label him a terror supporter.
This kind of gun law abuse is disgusting and isn't even close to repsonsible, accountable behavior.
The racist supporters of unlimited gun use are the biggest danger to home grown terrorism, like Britian, Spain, Indonesia and India are dealing with.
It will take a disasterous event, like the fired Milwaukee police man getting one of these military assault WMDs and opening up on a large group of people.
Just because he can....after all he thinks he has a "right" to defend himself. Right?


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