Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Nukes resurface, need to be reburied

I haven't trashed nuclear power for a few weeks, despite reading in the NY Times mag recently that it's being considered viable again. Allow me to just turn it over to Grist, the online environmental magazine, and let it do the job:

I Can See Nuclearly Now

It's a rod, rod, rod, rod world

Some say nukular power is our salvation. But what about the fact that it takes energy to make, produce, and ship this magic bullet? And what do we do with the waste when we're done? Today, Steven Cohen of Columbia University's Earth Institute weighs in on why nuclear is decidedly not the answer to our energy woes. And just in case you need more down-to-earth evidence, John Stang explains how we're going to warn future generations about the dangers of our radioactive waste heaps. In short: we dunno!


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