Thursday, October 05, 2006

Bad idea of the week century

I had written this headline earlier today, but Jay Bullock has topped it. He calls the guns-in-schools idea perhaps the stupidest idea ever.

State Rep. Frank Lasee managed to accomplish something no one else has in the contentious campaign for governor: He got Gov. Jim Doyle and Congressman Mark Green to agree on something. Unfortunately for Lasee -- but fortunately for the rest of us -- what they agreed on was that Lasee was out of his gourd:

By David Callender, Capital Times, October 5, 2006

In a rare show of unanimity, both Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle and his Republican challenger, U.S. Rep. Mark Green, are condemning a Republican lawmaker's proposal to allow teachers and other school employees to carry guns at work.

Rep. Frank Lasee, R-Bellevue, says he will introduce a bill next year to allow teachers, principals, school custodians and other employees to carry concealed weapons on school premises if they complete a training course and are licensed.

Lasee said his proposal is a response to a spate of school violence, including last week's fatal shooting of Weston School Principal John Klang.

"This is a serious proposal to make our schools safer," he said in an interview.

Lasee said the measure was inspired by policies in Israel and Thailand, where he said teachers have been armed in order to counter the threat from "Muslim terrorists."

Both Doyle, who opposes a broader Republican effort to legalize carrying concealed weapons, and Green, who supports that bill, said they oppose Lasee's idea.
He even got the other Lasee, who probably now claims he isn't related at all, to disavow him. Said the other (State Sen. Alan) Lasee:
The proposal to allow school personnel to carry weapons is being forwarded by Representative Frank Lasee. I have spoken to a number of concerned constituents in the past 24 hours who are confused by our shared last name. Let me be perfectly clear, as long as I am the Senate President, this proposal will not see the light of day in the State Senate.

I want everyone to know I am opposed to this proposal. This proposal is nothing more than a poorly thought out, knee-jerk reaction to the tragic events of the last few weeks. I have long supported having "gun free" school zones, and I will not support any bill that would changes my stance. School administrators and teaching staff have enough duties without adding to their long list of responsibilities.

I will be supporting school districts all across the state who want to enhance safety of both the students and personnel. Instead of allowing guns in schools, I will be advocating for tighter security measures that can be worked on by the school districts in cooperation with local law enforcement. Even though Representative Lasee and I share the same last name, we do not share the same ideas.
UPDATE: Let the record show that one Owen Robinson of Boots and Sabers thought Lasee had a good idea. And Kurt B. at Lakeshore Laments was undecided. I guess that makss Kurt a moderate.

UPDATE 2: Jessica McBride thinks teachers should pack heat, and derides the guy who beat her hubby, AG nominee JB Van Hollen, for not being a purist and coming out for all guns for everyone all the time. Would she have one in her desk at UWM? (Husband Paul Bucher, by the way, did a little flip-flop himself on concealed carry awhile back.)


At 9:26 AM, Blogger GWC shadow said...

This is the one issue that you and can agree upon. Guns in schools is a bad idea.

At 9:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

But, boy, Lasee is sure getting a lot of publicity out of this...



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