Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Mum's the word for TT on marriage amendment

At Caffeinated Politics, Deke Rivers wonders why Tommy Thompson hasn't joined the other former govs, from both parties, and Tommy's brother Ed, to oppose the gay discriminatioin amendment to the state constitution.

Ed, you'll recall, said he couldn't support Mark Green because of Green's support for the amendment. But Tommy's all over the Green campaign, even pretending Green supports stem cell research," when what he supports is highly limited and qualified.

The questioner correctly answers his own question:

So where is Tommy Thompson on the issue? Why is he afraid to join with his fellow Governors on both sides of the political aisle and forcefully reject this amendment? Could it be that he is thinking about running for President, and is afraid to upset the conservative right wing by doing the correct thing and calling the amendment just plain hateful?


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