Thursday, February 02, 2006

Flush Hard Waukesha, it's a Long Way to Lake Michigan

I believe that today's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial, "Tapping in to Lake Michigan," is earnest attempt by the newspaper to help find a solution to Waukesha's water problems. I hate to disagree with people who promote regional cooperation on issues, but let's take a look at the following excerpt from the editorial:

"The region must work together to solve Waukesha's problem, because it's a good idea and because it's what the people of the region want. In the end, that may mean piping Lake Michigan water to Waukesha, although we still like the idea that the water should be pumped back into the lake."

Sounds reasonable, right? But what's going to happen to Waukesha's wastewater when there's a heavy rain storm? That's the part of the story the newspaper never explains.

When it rains heavy enough, Waukesha's separate sewage would overflow through Milwaukee's harbor into Lake Michigan. Whenever the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) does this, the newspaper calls it RAW SEWAGE DUMPING. Whenever Waukesha dumps raw sewage into the Fox River, city streets, and ditches, the newspaper never seems to get around to writing about it. Funny how regional cooperation works, huh?

With all of the scientists, engineers and water experts we have in the region, I have to believe there's a solution to Waukesha's water problems that won't result in it's sewage overflowing into Lake Michigan. And I think that the newspaper is right to suggest that maybe paying for such a solution should become a regional responsibility.

But let's not jump to the conclusion that diverting water out of the basin is the most cost effective solution when there are many alternatives that have yet to be considered.


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