Thursday, February 02, 2006

Walker loses governor's Parks Director Sue Black!

Parks fans in Milwaukee County have been rallying around Parks Director Sue Black
since Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker threatened to fire her if she can't correct a $2.3 million deficit. The reasons for the deficit aren't yet clear, and Walker and the County Board saddled her with an unrealistic budget to begin with, but Walker would never let those things get in the way of dodging his share of responsibility. At this point, anyway, it looks like dismissing Black could actually hurt Walker's run for governor. He needs to win in Milwaukee County, and Black's biggest fans are among those who pay attention to the issues and vote. They would not take kindly to having Sue Black scapegoated by Scott Walker. They live all over the county, and have a very good communications network. The park deficit already is a negative in the campaign for Walker, and firing Black could be even a bigger one. This issue is a pure loser for Walker.