Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Jensen's Cliched Defense

Republican State Representative Scott Jensen's 'everyone else was doing it' defense is not far removed from telling your teacher "my dog ate my homework."

It's a cliche, period, and 180 degrees away from what would be a better choice for Jensen because it's relevant and a favorite of conservative politicians - - taking responsibility.

I'm not an attorney, but I can't imagine that a legal defense based on leaked records about innocent people is a winning tactic, either in reaching a plea bargain before trial or after being found guilty.

The courts have ruled time and time again in the Capitol Corruption Scandal that charges have been valid for people in both political parties and that trials were to proceed. And guilty pleas are mounting up.

Now it's Jensen's turn. It's all about who has been charged, not who wasn't.

I'd say a deal is still Jensen's best way through a bad situation, but he probably can't afford too many more pre-trial slaps at the prosecutor before making a bad situation worse.