Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Cover-up Kid

On top of the Bush administration's failure to be forthcoming and turn over information on it's mismanagement of the hurricane Katrina disaster and it's connections to indicted DC lobbyist Jack Abramoff, our Cover-upper in Chief is now refusing to turn over to Congress information on it's secret domestic spying on Americans without warrants from a court of law.

In essence, the Cover-up Kid is saying to Congress were not going to tell about our not telling the Judicial branch that we have been illegally spying on Americans.

The New York Times reports,

"Some senior officials at the Justice Department were voicing concerns about the program's legal foundation and refusing to sign off on its reauthorization."
Imagine that, Bush doesn't want Congress to know about the fact that some in the top law enforcement agency in the country had "concerns" about illegal, warrantless, domestic spying on Americans.

Of course, AG Gonzales will clear everything up next week at congressional hearings when he will explain that we now have only one branch of government, not three, and that it is his job to put the President above the law.